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Beat the Heat! Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

The hottest months of the year are here, with a vengeance! With the temperatures hovering around the triple digits, heating up your home with an oven seems like the worst idea! Instead of living off of take out food and cold dinners, why not break out a slow cooker? There are many different types of

Colored Hair: Before You Dye

With the current very popular trend of having colorful dyed hair, everybody is letting their colorful souls out to play! Before you run to your stylist or attempt a home dye job, do you know how to properly care for treated hair? Keep reading for a few helpful tips for before you color your locks.

Inspiration through Poetry
Spoken Word: A Girl That Reads

When asked about what type of girl he goes for, Mark Grist is quite clear on what he prefers. Both written and preformed by Mark himself, this spoken word poem is touching to both men and women alike. Directed by Guy Larsen, Produced by Or Something Similar. This poem does have mild language. Viewer discretion is

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